The chefs agree: food in restaurant SWAGAT is great!

On 20 February a triple birthday party at SWAGAT Indian restaurant, in SOHO Guanghua. As Morel’s Restaurant is closed during Chinese New Year, Susan, Renaat and Gordon could join us all to try out the food. Most normally are that “hot” for Indian food but all the chefs agreed the dishes are really tasty. Our friend Nendu does a great job and also has one of the few genuine clay “Tandoori” ovens (uses charcoal). Actually Renaat imported the very first of those in Beijing in the early nineties, for an Indian restaurant. The oven was inspected by our demanding team…

Valerie was on standby for her work and had to work on mails and other.
The only problem is we simply ate too much and nothing was left over… no need for doggy bag…

Our Christmas Eve Mega Buffet at home, chaos and fun!

I guess this time we beat our record. In total 74 for our chaotic, relaxed buffet party at our Julong home office. The office is then always turned upside down, see the first pics how it looked like before the party started and then how it was back to normal on Christmas. Thanks to the many helping hands, and a great BRAVO for our Chef in the kitchen, Sun Bin! All the food, including the enormous turkey, the lamb and much more were all prepared at our home.

We had over ten nationalities, including Belgium, France, Holland, Germany, Austria, UK, USA, Israel, Senegal, New Zealand, Ukraine, Russia, Philippines, Iran. And oh yes, China!!!
Christmas, even if one is not religious, is still the time to forget politics, race and all, and just be friends enjoying a good time.
Thanks to all for making this a great evening. Wishing all of you a Happy 2015 and see you next year!

Our daughter is a CFA!

On 14 December 2013, a milestone for Valerie: after years of hard work and many tough exams she finally realized her goal: now she is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).
The proud parents and some more friends joined the official ceremony in the Hyatt Hotel (Oriental Plaza near Wangfujing).

I had a look myself at the books and manuals she had to study. Being interested in economy and finance I found it great stuff. Except I was unable to answer any of the questions!
The exams are held yearly worldwide on the same day, also in Beijing. Hundreds if not thousands do the test in Beijing.
Later she got her official certificate through the mail.

Birthdays and more birthdays!

I did not post yet the pics of our birthdays. We have pretty unusual dates: myself 31 December, Sun 14 February. Valerie follows on 21 February.
Sun got two cakes on Valentine. As usual we celebrate in Morel’s Restaurant.

Except for Valerie as she had to work, she wanted her Japanese sushi and we had other friends joining.

How we spent Chinese New Year Eve

It has become routine: we have our Nianyefan (New Year’s Eve dinner) next door at the “Feng’s family”. Feng Zongpu (daughter of late Feng Youlan and also a famous writer) joined us at the beginning but she had to rest soon as she is pretty weak. Sun had made in our home a fabulous turkey, Valerie and myself carried it straight from our oven to the other apartment.

We then moved back to our home to watch to (in)famous CCTV Gala, this year worse than ever. As soon as I arrived back home I got a call from the Belgian radio VRT and was interviewed live … Several people heard me in Belgium.
From our living room we have a pretty good view on the fireworks in Gongti Xi Lu. No need to go out. I can sip my champagne and watch CCTV, the fireworks and WeChat messages… As a result, being too busy, I missed my idol Sophie Marceau…