Sharing a laugh, a good wine and a chat with Arie Haan

On 23 March, I once again had the pleasure to share a table at Morel’s Restaurant with Arie Haan, the famous Dutch trainer who is back living in Beijing and is the trainer of the Tianjin team and Renaat and Susan who run the Belgian restaurant.

We share a couple of interests: Morel’s, a laugh, and a good wine.
I called our friend Su Dong (and his wife) who is a well-know sports host on TV and is specialized in football, to join our chat.
As it happened I had just talked to a sports delegation from Groningen about the present situation of football in China.
Arie just published a book in Dutch about his experience here in China:
“NEE BESTAAT NIET, Werken met Chinezen, op het voetbalveld, op de werkvloer en in the board room”. Edicola Publishing 2015.

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