Old China Hands LOVE the sauna weather

Important update: with our experience of the rehearsal of the parade, the restaurant staff was not able to reach the restaurant the next morning. So, the date of 4 September would not work. We decided to do hold the lunch on Saturday 5 September, that day being an official holiday. As from 7 September everybody will be busy…

Yes, so much we had one of the largest turnouts on Friday 7 August! We were 35!
As usual, when the date seems weird or not convenient we have more people than usual.

Again, lively conversations for some two hours.
The next date is again “unusual”: Friday 4 September. Indeed, 3 to 5 September will be a national holiday with a certified blue sky and guaranteed low traffic. The Beijing government will paralyze the city and industry to “celebrate” some war stories and hold a big parade.
We are still checking that that Friday will work before sending out the emails. Stay tuned!
So, what else to do but to rush to our monthly lunch?

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