Old China Hands lunch and your Expat Idol

On Friday 1 July 2016 a nice turnout despite the hot weather, the busy schedules and people heading back home.

Nothing much to report except that the conversation was lively as always! Next lunch is 5 August.
We also asked our OCH to name their “idol” in the following message:

As you know, Colin is our partner for the Old China Hands. He has been organizing the Expat Fair and Expat Life Awards (ELAs) for the last few years.
He created them as a way for people to say “thank you” to the various providers of service and solutions for us expats living in Beijing.
This year he wants to add to the Awards an “ELA Hall of Fame”. We want your help and input!
Who is the most exceptional expat in your eyes? Who has done a great service or just merits your admiration? Obviously man or woman, young or “old”, any nationality!
Please email Colin directly (colin[at]fcgroup.org) the name of the person you think is worthy of the title.
Additionally, if you can spare a few more minutes, he would be delighted to hear your thoughts on any businesses that should be nominated for these awards. The list of ELA categories can be found here http://fcgroup.org/the-2016-expat-life-awards/
Choose your “idol”!

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