Bruce takes us back in time

On Sunday 4 September Bruce Connolly (Radio Beijing) invited us for a talk to present the pictures he took when he visited China in 1992, mostly pictures from Guangdong.

Location was QBar in Sanlitun Nan Lu.


Fascinating indeed to listen to the story of his train trip from Glasgow to Hong Kong in 1989.
Obviously so much has changed. Bruce is also a great photographer. Some of his pictures are on my new website
That all reminds me I should find the time to recover my mountain of negatives, dating from decades ago. For me China started in 1980.

I still remember the many train trips I took towards Pingdingshan (Henan) during the eighties. That time, steam locomotives, no aircon. So we had the windows open. Once arrived we had to take the soot away from our bodies, we looked like coal miners.

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