Beijing Rotary AGM in Johnnie Walker House

Our Beijing Rotary Annual General Meeting

On 29 November Our Club held its AGM in Johnnie Walker House near Qianmen. I visited the House earlier, see:
The Johnnie Walker House in Beijing: simply impressive

So I did not join the tour with the others.
Fifteen members attended thus ensuring the required quorum. The amendments to the club bylaws were approved unanimously. President and incoming board members 2017/18 were also elected:

President             Russell B.
IPP                      Daniel R.
President Elect    Martin G.
Secretary             (position open)
Service                 Lucy M.
Foundation           Jens H.
Membership         Daniel A.
Treasurer             Rene S.
Youth                   Sven H.

(pics provided c/o Rtn Lucy)

A busy evening for our AGM in Johnnie Walker House

Ms. Paloma Sanchez donated a ring to the club for auction during our upcoming Ball on 25 February 2017.
The auction of three whiskeys donated by Johnnie Walker was a big success!
As speaker we had the Swiss Ambassador Dr. de Dardel on the topic of Innovation.
Ambassador de Dardel spoke about innovation in China and Switzerland. Ranking on top of innovative countries, Switzerland has always emphasized innovation with a view of improving people’s livelihood. China and Switzerland have established a cooperation in the field of innovation.

President Daniel R performed the induction of Aish K. who transferred from RC Shanghai.
Rtn Eli K. was made honorary member of our club in acknowledgement of his dedication and continuous support to the club.
Thanks to Rtn Eli for arranging the venue.

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