Old China Hands lunch 1 February

Our monthly lunch at Morel’s Restaurant

Old China Hands lunch 1 February was again a pleasant surprise. We were worried how to fill the tables but we ended up with a full house. With 39 we were close to beat our record of May 2018 (43). I give up predicting numbers! It seems the “weirder” the date, the more attendants.

We also had the people of UWEE (Union of Western & Eastern Education) to come and make a small video of the (official) specialists we have right now in the SAFEA experts group.

The video was later posted on their website.

A member few of you know…

Indeed our Belgian friend Wilfried does not talk much about all what he does, except singing with me in our KTVs. Here an old article of China Daily I found back. Little has changed for him since then…
18 September 2012 – Body repatriation becomes growing business in country
By Li Yao (China Daily)

Our next lunch

Next one is Friday 1 March. As all prices in Beijing have been going up, Morel’s Restaurant finally has to increase their too-cheap price of RMB 98 for the copious set menu. Later I will announce the new price that still will be very attractive.
Beware all non-RSVP: a new clean-up of my e-mail list is coming…

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