Roots and Shoots

Our Tuesday lunch

During the lunch of Tuesday 18 August the Rotary Club of Beijing had the pleasure to learn more about the work of the world-famous environmental NGO, Roots & Shoots, their plans for the future and how Rotarians can get involved.
It was a very interesting speech on environmental issues and in addition it is in full accordance with the latest area of focus of Rotary International.

Rotarians and guests were introduced to the inspiration behind Roots and Shoots – Dr. Jane Goodall’s studies on the chimpanzees of Tanzania – and the importance of generating interest, passion and knowledge amongst the world’s youths to protect and improve our environment.

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The Roots and Shoots organization, while highly successful in the long-term, faces short-term challenges in organizing events and undertaking projects due to multiple COVID-19 related restrictions.
The speakers were Issy Dickson and Leia Qianlei from Beijing Roots & Shoots.

In 1994, world renowned primatologist and conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall established the first Roots & Shoots group in China in order to build on her vision of placing power and responsibility for creating solutions for big challenges in the hands of young people.
Roots & Shoots has now more than 25,000 members across every province, municipality and autonomous region in Mainland China, all of whom uphold our three pillars of helping people, animals and the environment. Currently more than ever, protecting the planet and all who live on it is absolutely crucial.
In the words of Dr. Jane Goodall, “Every individual matters, every individual has a role to play, every individual can make a difference.”

Rotary Club of Beijing Welcomes Two New Members

The Rotary Club of Beijing heartily welcomed two new members to its ranks during the lunch at the Kempinski Hotel. New Rotarians, Christine and Ben were inducted into the club after Club President Danny read the responsibilities of Rotary Club members. They also received their official Rotary International pin. The new members helped to read the Four-Way Test.

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