Ghent University alumnae in Beijing

Large turnout

On 17 September 2021 Ghent University alumnae in Beijing were invited for a celebration in the residence of our Belgian ambassador H.E. Jan Hoogmartens.
I am from Ghent, Belgium where I graduated with a master’s degree in electronic engineering in “UGent” in 1973. See the building I attended nearly every day for my engineering, in the Jozef Plateaustraat in Ghent.
And no, I was not the oldest student: a Chinese gentleman (former Tsinghua Arts Department) was the star of the lunch with his 91 years!
I was impressed with the large turnout, I still remember our modest dinner with Inge Mangelschots in 2017, Alumnae and the regional representatives from all over China attended Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou), we were a grand total far over 60 guests.
Indeed in the period 1977-2021 3,399 Chinese students chose UGent! In the year 2019-2020 there were 660 Chinese studying in Ghent.

The occasion was to celebrate 50 Years of Diplomatic Relations Belgium-China and 15 years of the China Platform of Ghent University.
See also the website:
Yes I am registered there!

Sadly with COVID-19 none of the Ghent University staff could join but we had video messages also from the Dean.

Hmmm lunch buffet

All happy to enjoy the buffet of Renaat Morel, plenty to eat, as well as Belgian beer and more was available.


Looking at the pictures you might get hungry!
Thanks to our ambassador for his hospitality!

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