Fighting mosquitos in the bedroom

We all hate mosquitos

They are so annoying, fighting mosquitos in the bedroom is a common concern as they wake you up and make you feel miserable.
For years I have been battling them in my bedroom, with disappointing results. Excellent windows, door always closed and with an installed additional insect screen at the door. Still often around 4 a.m. I would wake up with one buzzing around my ears.

I installed electronic insect traps (“zappers”), liquid RAID dispenser, RAID mosquito mats. But regularly they came back
Where did they come from?

Any standing water is breeding ground

How to Prevent Mosquitoes From Breeding? A few general tips.

I had put mosquito nets in the bathroom exhaust, as well as in the overflow holes in bath and wash basin – also against cockroaches that enter through the drain pipes.
I made sure mosquitos could not use the water tank of the WC by inserting some sealing under the cover,

I covered the floor drain with a transparent plastic sheet as there is water standing in the drain. One day I discovered a mosquito crawling under the plastic trying to get out. So I removed the sheet and closed the drain completely with plastic.

Mosquito repellent mats and coils

Among the several toxic and nontoxic methods that have been devised to keep the mosquitoes away, mosquito repellents are one of the most economic and widely used. Using a simple electrical heater, a refill that contains a liquid which disrupts normal activity of mosquitoes, one can get relieved from these small creatures within minutes.
That sounds nice, however those are repellents, they don’t kill. So next day the mosquitoes are back again.

All confusing as Raid Power Mats “kills and repels mosquitoes for up to 14 hours. Each mat is impregnated with a powerful slow-releasing insecticide that spells death to mosquitoes. Suitable for killing and repelling mosquitoes indoors.”
Problem, all BAYGON, RAID and other only sell the repellant types, see what I have in my Beijing home.
So, pretty useless somehow.

Electronic insect traps.

There are basically two types: the older UV-lamp type and the newer LED type.
The LED type has a near invisible light but seems to be more efficient to catch mosquitos, while it is mostly accepted they are not effective against mosquitos.

See the two types and what they caught. Well at least they KILL. And yes they caught mosquitoes!

Finally battle won

With all my efforts, zero “water breeding grounds” around – what I thought – still they came. Then I had an idea. The aircon! Yes, the aircon collects the condensation of water in the air that then is supposed to leave through the drain. But if the aircon is not tilting in the right way, some water stagnates in the collector.
Then the aircon repair man came, cleaned it well, I fixed the aircon tilting a little in the right way.

No more mosquitos.
That was it… Finally.

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