2016 Men’s Jazz collection by Paloma Sanchez

Rotary and Paloma

The 2016 Men’s Jazz collection by Paloma Sanchez called on some of our “handsome” (?) Rotarians for a photo shoot that seemed to have been fun. See some of the relaxed moment of that session.
See about here her and Rotary briefly:

Beijing Rotary AGM in Johnnie Walker House: http://www.beijing1980.com/2016/12/12/beijing-rotary-agm-in-johnnie-walker-house/

The Jazz collection by Paloma Sanchez

I show here a few of the articles of the collection, I made a very personal choice as, well, I ended buying up one item. Macho vanity or gentleman’s elegance? It is a birthday gift to myself! What convinced me? The unique and careful design and the use of gemstones – I love stones. My choice went for black hematite, black jade, rock crystal quartz and more.

See the website: http://www.palomasanchez.com/

Her own introduction:
“My name is Paloma Sanchez. I am a Gemological Institute of America (GIA-accredited) Gemologist and Jewelry Designer who starts in the mines and countries where spectacular gemstones are created by Mother Nature.  I consider each stone I select to be unique, and I create a one-of-a-kind jewelry to showcase its individual personality.”
And for the Jazz Collection:
(And… my item is soooo special it is not on her website!)

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