Old China Hands lunch 6 March

I was told again it would be a “difficult date”. And yes, we had a couple of no-shows, some last minute cancellations (always grateful to be informed) but even so, we were 30.

What is the reason people seem to love it? Well, I think it is “quality control” but also going back to plain an simple socializing.
First of all I make sure the rules are observed: no speeches, no open commercial stunts, ten years of China experience, good food served on time and making sure everybody is taken care of. There is also the flexibility to arrive a bit late and leave more early. In this time of always-on-mobile it is also relaxing to simply sit down with others and actually TALK. Not just frantically going around exchanging business cards.
So, happy also to welcome again our Belgian ambassador, some well-known media people and other seasoned China Hands.
Our next one: Friday 3 April, same time, same place, always a slightly different mix.

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