Exploring new food in De Refter (Sanlitun)

I was already a couple of times in De Refter, the new Belgian Café in Sanlitun (close to The Bookworm). The first De Refter is in operation since several years in Shanghai (in the former French Concession).
See: Belgian Beer Culture Week in China

Belgian Beer Culture Week in China

The bar has an extensive choice of Belgian beers.
On 22 April I was invited to try the new business lunch, a tasty experience! Also, value for money.
Thanks to Steve Devos of Vandergeeten (right) and the chef (Dutch) Jorin de Hoon (left).

The weather was nice so we could enjoy sitting outside. We were pretty spoiled with the food. For me… pretty large lunch plus the nice beer (Keizerrijk Van Bree).
Experience successfully repeated on Friday 29 April!.

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