Legend Beer: new kid on the block, Gongti Xi Lu

I had been wondering what was going on with all the construction at the Thai restaurant at the West Gate of Workers Stadium. Well, now I know… Thanks to my old friend Adam who now works there.
The former building is now split into the Thai Restaurant (name I can never remember) and the new Beer Pub German style, Legend Beer.

I went over with chef Renaat Morel for an “inspection” just before its official opening. We were impressed by the facilities. A Chinese brew master with over 20 years experience runs the microbrewery (sparling brewery installation) that serves some great beers. Also all that is needed for an excellent German crispy pork knuckle: I tried it on Father’s Day, fully approved.

They have a snooker corner, private room and large outdoor area with TV screens (next to Babyface, currently AGAIN under renovation).
As I am currently on an “alcohol-free diet” I will explore more the beers later on. I like the “Workers Stadium West”, tasty, not too strong, nice flavor.
Reasonable prices indeed. See some of their dishes.

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