Old China Hands lunch 2 November

Our monthly lunch at Morel’s Restaurant

The Old China Hands lunch 2 November was this time on a “normal” day and saw a nice attendance of 32 OCH, this time finally some ladies!
It was also, if I may say, the “official” launch of my book as I had some copies, the first batch that arrived in Beijing. Well, all sold out but I will have more copies for the next lunch. Anyway one can buy the Kindle version here:

“LAUGH AND GET WISER! Jokes and witty wisdom for adults” is out! The Kindle version US$2.99: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H291Z61
The books are also available in The Bookworm.

Gilbert (again) in the news

I had a CRI interview in my home office on 5 November and the audio plus some pictures are online:
So, if you have nothing better to do you can listen to the interview…

Our next lunch

Next one is Friday 7 December, the last one for this year.
The following one in the new year will be on Friday 4 January.

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