Home Is Where The Heart Is

I got the book!

As I mentioned earlier with some details, the the book “Home Is Where The Heart Is” came out and I got a few hard copies.

Right now no idea how one can buy a copy, while a price of RMB130 (TBC) has been mentioned.
It’s not yet on Amazon (expected soon) nor Taobao and the bar code does not work as for now. Seems Graham Earnshaw might get involved, he is well-known and also has a publishing company. I met him many years ago when he was talking about his walk from Shanghai to Tibet. That would be interesting!
Anybody interested contact me directly.

The contributors

As mentioned earlier, see here again who talks about their China story.

Mark, Raja, Terry and myself are members of the “Old China Hands Monthly lunch”; I know personally Michael (and his mother!) and Volker.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

The term is actually well known, it’s also a song (Elvis Presley and others), an American movie (1987), a TV miniseries (2022) and a book on Amazon with the same title by Ilse Crawford.

See here some details:

Home Is Where the Heart Is, a TV Mini Series (2022)
A privileged young lawyer, Jane becomes a reluctant champion of the vulnerable when she partners up with Arif, a cynical yet compassionate social worker to take on pro-bono cases of the less fortunate.
Creators: Kai Xiang Chang and Kenny Tan; Stars: Naomi Yeo – Fauzie Laily – Mathialagan

Home Is Where the Hart Is, a 1987 American film starring Leslie Nielsen

Many different versions: “Home Is Where the Heart Is”, see here details.

Famous Cao Cao

We finally met in person

I mentioned the famous Cao Cao earlier. As it happens a lot, being a regular in Morel’s Resturant also allows me to meet a wide range of people, some simply nice, some unexpected, some, well, simply famous.
With the restaurant recently hopelessly full, some patrons are “forced” to sit at the chef Renaat’s table, the usual table for Renaat and Susan (and me). Often turns out the best that can happen to you!

On 2 March the “VIP table” had the Amcham president and our long-time friend Gaiya. And Cao Cao, the Internet celebrity, famous foreign actor and now also author.
I admit that I had at first a bit of a mixed opinion about such a “celebrity” but meeting him was a real pleasant surprise. He has a very interesting background, many fascinating stories to tell and he is a very “international person”.
He had just returned from a movie shoot in Jilin, having the leading role in a new Chinese movie. That experience was a unique story in itself.
He speaks fluently the Beijing Chinese dialect. And he made this clip about the Morel’s Restaurant that clocked some 45 million views (no typo here). He is on Douyin “caocaolaile666”.

You can watch the video here (there is no suitable link to Douyin…): https://youtu.be/lm24WNVqr-o
That video is largely the explanation why the restaurant has seen an invasion of Chinese… He has also other very popular Douyin videos…

Cao Cao dinner and books

That video led to the creation of a “Cao Cao menu” in the restaurant… He loves the steak with béarnaise and a waffle. As you can see, and accompanied by his usual bottle of Belgian beer (St Bernardus).

Jonathan Kos-Read (“曹操 Cao Cao”) is his real name. His book “The Eunuch” is to come out very soon, see the cover where you read about his background. Interesting and impressive; the book is pulished through Earnshaw Books, of Graham Earnshaw, whom I met a couple of times, see here in Shanghai.

Jonathan also joined our Old China Hands lunch on 5 March and I donated my book of jokes to him

Meeting Jan Jambon

Morel’s Restaurant

My friend’s restaurant is “the” place to meet interesting people. Like meeting Jan Jambon, who signed the VIP book of the restaurant.

On 25 September 2017 he had lunch there, when he was on an official visit:
H.E. Mr. Jan JAMBON, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior and Security attended the 86th INTERPOL General Assembly session in Beijing; accompanied by H.E. Mr. Marc VINCK, Ambassador of Belgium.

He was again in Beijing in November 2019 during the Belgian Economic Mission to the People’s Republic of China, presided by Her Royal Highness Princess Astrid of Belgium, Representative of His Majesty the King  in his capacity as Minister-President of the Government of Flanders and Flemish Minister for Foreign Policy, Culture, IT and Facilities. That time I did not meet him.

Giving my book

I took the opportunity to give a copy of my book Toxic Capitalism. Also present was my friend Peter Ritzen and his wife Stella, and of course chef Renaat Morel.
See the pictures:

Old China Hands lunch 2 November

Our monthly lunch at Morel’s Restaurant

The Old China Hands lunch 2 November was this time on a “normal” day and saw a nice attendance of 32 OCH, this time finally some ladies!
It was also, if I may say, the “official” launch of my book as I had some copies, the first batch that arrived in Beijing. Well, all sold out but I will have more copies for the next lunch. Anyway one can buy the Kindle version here:

“LAUGH AND GET WISER! Jokes and witty wisdom for adults” is out! The Kindle version US$2.99: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H291Z61
The books are also available in The Bookworm.

Gilbert (again) in the news

I had a CRI interview in my home office on 5 November and the audio plus some pictures are online:
So, if you have nothing better to do you can listen to the interview…

Our next lunch

Next one is Friday 7 December, the last one for this year.
The following one in the new year will be on Friday 4 January.

Edwin Maher in Internations Book Club

Edwin Maher, a CCTV celebrity

On Sunday 25 September we had to honor to welcome Edwin Maher in our Internations Beijing Book Reading group, to discuss his latest book “Caught on CCTV”.
I remember one of my Old China Hands lunches (Edwin is a regular), when some of our Chinese clients were having a lunch at Morel’s at the same time. We told them some ambassadors were in our lunch and if they wanted to greet them – and take a picture. Good idea till they spotted Edwin sitting there, they did not want to know about whatever ambassador: they only wanted to see Edwin and take a picture.
It says a lot about Edwin who has an impressive career in CCTV as the host for the English news.
So, happy he took some time on his Sunday before another CCTV appearance.

Edwin Maher, the author

I am fortunate to have his two books, all a present from Edwin and signed by him. His first “My China Daily” was very well received, my wife said “You see this is what and how you should write”. Yes boss.
The book we discussed was his recent Caught on CCTV.

A history of CCTV: Caught on CCTV

When I started reading the book, I was immediately shocked. He dedicated the book to Yan Yinan, a CRI reporter with whom I worked for over a year, nearly every week, for interviews on the 2008 Olympics. She was a superb girl and when she left us, many like me were shocked.

As a writer myself I was amazed on how Edwin managed to keep track of all the little details on what happened in CCTV. Did he run the HR department? Bribe the HR director? Well, he did it the Chinese way (as I learned soon after landing here myself): he always carried a notebook writing down everything. But he beats me by far by his incredible detail.
So, the book might be at times a bit heavy, like a sort of Encyclopedia, reminding me of my own book. It is however an important historical document, it will be a legacy for all later to have the insights on how CCTV became what is is today.
I found back a number of CCTV hosts who interviewed me over the years…

Edwin writes with a healthy sense of humor but carefully navigates all “sensitive” topics one might look for.

As I understood he wrote the book on his MacBook Air, much like I often do. And he was clever to use a text software instead of the usual MS Word (it is more appropriate for publishing).

All love Edwin Maher

Our discussion was very lively and most wanted an autograph in his book, and the picture of course. Edwin was as usual so patient and friendly to satisfy everybody.
The pictures talk for themselves…

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