Edwin Maher in Internations Book Club

Edwin Maher, a CCTV celebrity

On Sunday 25 September we had to honor to welcome Edwin Maher in our Internations Beijing Book Reading group, to discuss his latest book “Caught on CCTV”.
I remember one of my Old China Hands lunches (Edwin is a regular), when some of our Chinese clients were having a lunch at Morel’s at the same time. We told them some ambassadors were in our lunch and if they wanted to greet them – and take a picture. Good idea till they spotted Edwin sitting there, they did not want to know about whatever ambassador: they only wanted to see Edwin and take a picture.
It says a lot about Edwin who has an impressive career in CCTV as the host for the English news.
So, happy he took some time on his Sunday before another CCTV appearance.

Edwin Maher, the author

I am fortunate to have his two books, all a present from Edwin and signed by him. His first “My China Daily” was very well received, my wife said “You see this is what and how you should write”. Yes boss.
The book we discussed was his recent Caught on CCTV.

A history of CCTV: Caught on CCTV

When I started reading the book, I was immediately shocked. He dedicated the book to Yan Yinan, a CRI reporter with whom I worked for over a year, nearly every week, for interviews on the 2008 Olympics. She was a superb girl and when she left us, many like me were shocked.

As a writer myself I was amazed on how Edwin managed to keep track of all the little details on what happened in CCTV. Did he run the HR department? Bribe the HR director? Well, he did it the Chinese way (as I learned soon after landing here myself): he always carried a notebook writing down everything. But he beats me by far by his incredible detail.
So, the book might be at times a bit heavy, like a sort of Encyclopedia, reminding me of my own book. It is however an important historical document, it will be a legacy for all later to have the insights on how CCTV became what is is today.
I found back a number of CCTV hosts who interviewed me over the years…

Edwin writes with a healthy sense of humor but carefully navigates all “sensitive” topics one might look for.

As I understood he wrote the book on his MacBook Air, much like I often do. And he was clever to use a text software instead of the usual MS Word (it is more appropriate for publishing).

All love Edwin Maher

Our discussion was very lively and most wanted an autograph in his book, and the picture of course. Edwin was as usual so patient and friendly to satisfy everybody.
The pictures talk for themselves…

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Internations event at Mercedes me

The InterNations Beijing June Mid-Week Mixer was held on 7 June in Lighthaus @ Mercedes me, on Workers Stadium North Road at the corner of Sanlitun South Street, opposite Uniqlo Beijing and next to Sanlitun SOHO.

About 127 people attended, I was curious to see this new spot and was really surprised, to find such a vast space dedicated to Mercedes. Pretty cool, it has a restaurant and bar (Lighthaus) on the second floor, downstairs the exhibitiuon area plus coffeeshop and what looked like a juice bar.

Met a couple of old friends and the conversation was great, despite being on my no-alcohol period…

Internations: Beijing Book Reading Group special

Internations has many groups active in Beijing. This is one I try to join whenever I can. This time, Sunday 10 January,  the book discussed was “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman.
Location was again Iqiyi Cafe next to SOHO Sanlitun.
Special was the birthday celebration of the Group Consul, Kevin Paul Goodmann. He got a big surprise from some of the members: a big special birthday cake and a box of very tradional Beijing cookies.

Interesting discussion as always!


Nightclub V+ inside outside

On Friday 24 April, other evening with Internations, this time in the classy club V+ on Gongti Dong Lu (China View Building). But first a nice bowl of noodles, downstairs at JinShiSong.
The bar may be classy but I do not like it that much for networking: rather dark, many isolated corners, making it more difficult to mingle with people. Drinks are also rather pricey, 50 RMB for a big glass with little red wine.

The view is nice though, Worker’s Stadium, Gongti Bei Lu and the buildings on Gongti Xi Lu. The reflection in the windows make it a bit hard to shoot good pictures.
I did not stay that long so the Internations photographer had not started yet to make his/her rounds.

InterNations Beijing – A Dazzling Night at Tadka

On Friday 17 April I finally made it again to an Internations event, in TADKA, the bar of the Marriott Northeast Hotel (Xiao Yun Road).

I guess some 150 people attended, some I knew had registered but did not turn up. Too bad because the hotel is nice and so is the bar. And of course the people… That is what Internations events are all about!