16 Feb: Internations Book Reading Club

On Sunday 16 February, another book discussion: “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
Hosted by Lilly at iQIYI CAFÉ (South Sanlitun Road near Zhongyu Plaza)
When I was in primary school, sometimes around 1958 I was part of the play. I only remember it was all a magical tale and also mysterious for us, kids.

The discussion between “adults” from all corners of the world turned out to be pretty diverse: not all were impressed (“he could written it all down in 3 pages”). And “Many of the French writers write in an intoxicated state and French people like fables”.
Anyway the discussion was interesting, even for me who had failed to read the book again…

InterNations Beijing: “the” Oktoberbierfest!

Sometimes pictures talk more than words.

On Sunday 13 October over 200 members of InterNations Beijing filled a private tent in Paulaner (Kempinski Hotel). It started 12:00 (lunch) and according to the brave, it went on till 8 pm.

Lots of Paulaner beer, German sausages, fun performances by the German performers who managed to get the timid Chinese into some more lively action.

As said, the pictures talk! No comments!

InterNations Beijing: Book Reading Club

Sunday afternoon 1 September, 3 to 5 pm at a new location: IQIYI CAFE, where TERRA restaurant was a year ago. Close to Zhongyu Building, Sanlitun Nan Lu.
As it happens more, I was the only man among all the girls – no complaints.
I managed, unexpectedly, to finish the assignment right in time: to read the book of the Brazilian author Paulo Coelho, “The Alchemist”. Pity I had no time to find the Portuguese version in time, so I read the English translation.
We had a lively discussion about the book, with the additional remarks if some of the thoughts could be applied the same way in a Chinese environment: how well can one pursue his/her Personal Legend, or if you prefer, how can you succeed in your quest to fulfill your dream. Indeed, Chinese society urges a lot of conformity and pursuing very personal goals are often made difficult by peer and family pressure.

For me the added value of the discussion was that it made me reflect on possible themes for my new book(s). Won’t comment on it right now.
Thanks for the pics from Jing and Windy (I improved them a bit).
Looking forward to the next round.

InterNations Beijing: Book Reading Club

Learn more about Internations: http://www.internations.org/
And also on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/internationsbeijing

“Let’s talk about books”: The Beijing Group currently has 46 members, 19 nationalities.
The Second Meeting – treasure sharing! was held at The Woodhouse, a nice cafe next to the book store “Page One” in the Sanlitun Village South (OK, they changed name but I never remember the new one!).

Thanks to Lily and Jing for the pics
Most of us introduced a favorite book. I went for “Why Men Marry Bitches” (by Sherry Argov), a book I think is so correct about how men think. It does not work as well for Chinese men but I used it several times to coach Chinese ladies trying to figure out how to deal with their (mostly) foreign boyfriends. A Chinese translation exists but the English version is probably best as some of the terms must be hard to translate correctly.
I just feel pity I have so many books waiting to be read. Time is short…