InterNations Beijing: Book Reading Club

Sunday afternoon 1 September, 3 to 5 pm at a new location: IQIYI CAFE, where TERRA restaurant was a year ago. Close to Zhongyu Building, Sanlitun Nan Lu.
As it happens more, I was the only man among all the girls – no complaints.
I managed, unexpectedly, to finish the assignment right in time: to read the book of the Brazilian author Paulo Coelho, “The Alchemist”. Pity I had no time to find the Portuguese version in time, so I read the English translation.
We had a lively discussion about the book, with the additional remarks if some of the thoughts could be applied the same way in a Chinese environment: how well can one pursue his/her Personal Legend, or if you prefer, how can you succeed in your quest to fulfill your dream. Indeed, Chinese society urges a lot of conformity and pursuing very personal goals are often made difficult by peer and family pressure.

For me the added value of the discussion was that it made me reflect on possible themes for my new book(s). Won’t comment on it right now.
Thanks for the pics from Jing and Windy (I improved them a bit).
Looking forward to the next round.

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