Didi app disappeared from App Stores

Who noted?

Didi app disappeared from App Stores for iOS as I discovered.
Indeed I was happily using the English app (that does not show anything about the version) but I am getting the warning that I need to update, see screenshot.
While online the Apple App shop shows the correct app, being “DiDi – Greater China”, available for iPhone, this app is NOT available, in my case on the Belgian Apple Shop. Other DiDi app shown are for other applications such as Didi driver. No Didi car. See screenshot of the Belgian store.
My Chinese friends have the latest version, downloaded from the China Shop (see their screenshot). The app does offer a language choice Chinese or English.


Didi Customer Service

I sent a mail to their service and they did reply, see here (slightly edited).

We suggest you could reinstall DiDi app again.
Sorry about the inconvenience brought to you, due to for now, some app stores doesn’t support DiDi app. Our related team are processing this issue.
We suggest you could change your APPLE ID region just for this time, when you donwload and install in China APP STORE, you could change back to previous region.
And changing region of Apple ID method in below:
Tap 【Settings】 –  Tap 【iTunesstore/AppStore】 -Tap【Apple ID】 in above- Tap 【Check Apple ID】 – tap【Country/Region】 – Tap【Change Country or Region> – Choose China – Fill all information needed. Then you can downlod the DiDi-Greater China  APP
The lastest verson of DiDi app is 5.2.48_533, you can check whether your app is the latest one or not.
If not please change your Apple ID into China then you can find the DiDi app in app store. If yes please ignore this tip.
DiDi Customer Service

Now what?

The app still works but for how long?
I already downloaded another app, just in case: “China Taxi”, in English.
I will certainly not do the country change, that is a risky thing. I’ll wait for DiDi to sort things out with Apple.
The weird thing is, why does Apple accept the app on their China Shop and not on others? Cannot be an issue of “technical or security” issues.
I find it strange there is no mention of this on the Internet.

Update 27 November 2020

Oh well, it took some time but the didi app is now dead after updating my iOS to v. 14.2.
And still no new app for didi (cars) on my Belgian Apple store.
I had received an request if I wanted to test a “beta version” a few days ago, did not try it as that normally does not work.
Fortunately I do have the Alipay app in English where I can book didi…
But I miss the didi app, it was working pretty well and I also received alerts on discounts. Now I have to see how that will work with Alipay.

Latest update! February 2021

After my warnings about the Didi app on the iPhone, the app finally crashed. Now the English Didi app is resurrected. Like a miracle! https://www.beijing1980.com/2021/02/18/english-didi-app-is-resurrected/

7 thoughts on “Didi app disappeared from App Stores

  1. Hello! I have the same problem and I cannot use my didi app anymore. It has started in November. My didi english was updating itself almost every week and sudennly I got a message I need to update. There was no update available and the app disappeared. I have written to them an email but they never replied 🙁 I am kinda frustrated because I need to use didi almost every day to commute in China. I can’t speak Chinese…

  2. Not sure if you also have the Ali Pay app,( English) this has included the English DIDI app already, so no need to download the separate app.

  3. I fixed mine this way:

    1. Delete the obsolete app from your phone
    2. Open the app store
    3. Go to “purchases” where you can view the apps you installed before.
    4. The last version of English Didi should be there, click and install.

    Hope this helps.

    1. I thought I posted a reply but it got lost. I should post a new article. It does not work, the app is obsolete and has not been updated. The version on “purchases” is the one I still have but with the latest iOS it does not work anymore.

  4. This was super helpful for me. I also got the “Change country” thing from Didi and even when I tried it didn’t work.

    The Alipay version of Didi works wonderfully.

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