Old China Hands lunch 2 August

Our monthly lunch at Morel’s Restaurant

Old China Hands lunch 2 August saw fewer of our members, as expected. We were exactly 20 despite being a low-season sauna weather day. Not too bad anyway.

China Today

The journalists were there again as they had more to discuss with the restaurant, for another interview. In the meantime we got the first version of their video, I must say they did a great job. Footage is from our lunch on 5 July and from their visit to my office on 9 July.
See the new link: http://mp42.china.com.cn/video_tide/video/2019/8/22/20198221566447489029_386.mp4

Another longer version is in the pipeline!

Our next lunch: a change!

Our next lunch will be exceptionally not on the first Friday as the restaurant is closed due to the October 1 holidays. Instead of cancelling we decided to have it on Friday 11 October. Take note! Renaat and Susan will not be back yet but the restaurant will be open. I will also be away during the unpleasant October 1 restrictions, back on Monday 7 October.

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