Red eared sliders

Sad ending

I tried twice to have red eared sliders as a pet. They are cute and some time ago you could buy them easily in Beijing. Now that many small shops were forced to close. more difficult. Friends had left me with a fish tank and accessories. So I tried.
I did some research, I tried to follow the instructions.

At the beginning the tiny one liked my shrimp and some salad. But gradually it stopped eating. I tried to have the right water, some light to warm up, but the poor little thing died (slowly).
A second one, same story. then I gave up. Later on, out of sympathy, the glass of the fish tank cracked by itself and the whole stuff for fishes went out of the house.

Why it did not work, no idea. Frustrating. Maybe the small turtles sold here are not healthy – it also happens with young puppies, bred under poor conditions. Many are frail and get sick easily.

Red eared sliders

There is a lot about it on the Internet. This site explains well:

See here what it says, in part.
Red eared sliders are given this name because of the red streaks on the sides of their face that cover the ears. They’re common turtles and come from North America. They are semi-aquatic and require a basking area. They should have a 20 gallon tank when they are young. The golden rule is “Every inch of shell length, provide 10 gallons of water”. OK, that’s a lot of water! One gallon is about 3.78 liter…

Wild sliders can live up to 30 years. In my case less than 2 months…
An adult red eared slider can grow up to 15 to 30 cm.
Like all pets they have a number of health problems to look out for. It is important to research the health problems they might have. You tell me!
They are messy eaters (yes!) and should be placed in a separate area to eat (they need a dining room?) but it you want to feed your slider in its tank then go ahead, just make sure to fish out the uneaten food or it’ll be a long clean up when finally cleaning their tank.
They like to eat mealworms, crickets, shrimp, pellets, floating stick, cranberries and greens. You can also give them live fish or crickets for them to eat or chase and add aquatic plants to their habitat. Just make sure to get fish and plants that appeal to their diet. I showed them a menu but they ignored it.


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