Beijing Gongti demolition

chai chai

Beijing Gongti demolition now in full progress, the chai signs are everywhere, “chai” meaning “to destroy”…
See earlier post:
New Beijing Workers Stadium

Legend Beer and the Thai restaurant Laburnum had some illusions they could stick it out but on 15 September they were forced to close.

The Gongti Strip has a long and complicated history. I hope to post more about it later.
Many venues opened and closed, in succession. One was “TrueColor” that was frequented by many foreign and Chinese models. Rumors say they were selling lots of champagne but never paid the supplier. It then “closed” and changed to strange new venues (Superlife, Nuku Nuku, whatever).

See an ad of TrueColor and more about the Worker’s Stadium demolition, now complete.

Legend Beer closed

On 15 September, it was closed. Message of our friend Adam:
Dear Friends from all over the world, since the opening of Legend on June 10, 2016, we have been operating for four years, three months and four days together, a total of 51 months and 4 days, 1555 days and nights. We cherish the unforgettable scenes of laughter and joy Legend has brought us all. Let it be known legend was unwilling to end its operations, but alas we were forced to close. For now, we have to say goodbye to all our friends, however, goodbye is never a real farewell, rather a temporarily leave. Be prepared for the next stop, our new location will soon run. See you at the next Legend!

Last pics of Legend Beer

Actually I visited Legend Beer one day before the opening, to have a look and “inspection”.
As far as I understand they have chosen a new location in Guomao area; another one pretty close to the old one is under consideration. Can’t say more.

On 11 September I had my goodbye, as I knew what would happen… Some pics for the memory. The venue was frequented by many pretty girls, Chinese and foreigners.
All sad as they spent big money on renovations in the past twelve months.

And a small clip of the outside area:


Beijing Gongti demolition not that clear

Going around one can see most venues are marked “to destroy”, even Dadong Peking Duck. Strangely some are not marked yet, like the IQIYI building and the small eatery in front of it. And Peking Chamber (“Michelin 2020”) and its neighbors.
As said, the building “Gongti Yibai” is still in operation and the disco One Third is going full blast till the early mornings. Heaven Supermarket has already opened a new venue corner of Gongti Bei Lu, Xindong Lu.

Some pics from around the Gongti area, west, north, east sides.

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