Morel and Gilbert were on Mafengwo

Mafengwo (马蜂窝)

On 25 November 2020 Restaurant Morel and Gilbert were on Mafengwo. As usual I was not really aware what was going on. I just followed orders…
The platform:

Mafengwo started as a travel forum for independent travelers. Users on the platform share their journeys, travel tips, itineraries, recommendations, and feedback with other users on the platform. Its user base has increased over time and has developed into an enormous millennial traveler community. One of the best ways to understand how it works is to think of it as the Chinese equivalent of TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet, and Expedia combined.
Mafengwo  presents a powerful opportunity for businesses to target young Chinese free & independent travelers
See here details of the website/app performance: is ranked #42 in the Travel and Tourism/Travel and Tourism category and #6884 Globally.

It was live

I thought, well, another interview. Only later I realized it was live… and I was online for quite some time. If I knew I would have acted a bit more “careful”…

Guess what, within hours my interview had over 300,000 views, with all kinds of funny comments (also about my sweater).
I could not find a link to the interview, one can only watch through Mini Program, I guess 201125 mafengwo3.jpg might give a clue how to find the long program.
As I always say, life in Beijing is never boring and Morel’s Restaurant is where the action is…

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