Flowers and birthdays at Morels Restaurant

Susan and flowers

Great flowers and birthdays at Morels Restaurant, the flowers being the personal artistic work of Susan. Many people think the flowers are plastic and check them… surprised to find out they are all real and often unique. And they are not cheap! I think no any restaurant in Beijing can compete with her arrangements.

The experiment with the liquid to chase away dogs-doing-stuff was on the other hand not very convincing…

Jan, our Dutch friend

Jan celebrated in style his birthday on 7 October with a small circle of friends.

He got pampered with some special presents, one being a telling-it-all T-shirt!

Chef Renaat

Renaat celebrated his birthday on 19 December, along with his chef Zhang. A perfect celebration with outstanding food and wine, for a small group of Belgian, Dutch and Chinese friends,

The dishes

Some of the dishes shown: seafood salad, cakes, home-made appetizers, Dutch veal steak with Sauce Perigourdine (with truffles) and almond potatoes, (real) Atlantic cod fish (DE-LI-CIOUS), pepper steak, gratinated endive with ham, mini steaks with pepper sauce and mushrooms, and more. All with excellent red wine, of course!

One thought on “Flowers and birthdays at Morels Restaurant

  1. Congratulations….with the birtday and with the delicious dishes….we were there a few years ago…really outstanding …..beautiful flower idea !!
    Best wishes.
    Luc and Mireille

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