Never Leaving left Beijing

Another victim

In late 2019 we had a nice evening in “Lenore’s Bar – never Leaving”. Well sadly Never Leaving left Beijing, I guess another victim of greedy landlords, crazy rents and COVID.
Location was at the former Hacker-Pschorr on Xindong Lu, a bit north of Jingkelong Supermarket. That place must be bad karma, as Hacker-Pschorr went bust before, a huge investment (many million euro) wasted because of totally incompetent Chinese management.
The amount of bars and restaurant closing in Beijing is staggering, made worse with the COVID tragedy.

It was a nice place

Actually I liked the place, the interior was attractive, the service was trying its best even as it was still new. Beer and food were all pretty OK. See the pictures.

I only felt sorry I did not have the chance to visit it more, but in early 2020 COVID came and you know the rest of the story.
There is a new kind of pub there but I did not explore it yet.

One thought on “Never Leaving left Beijing

  1. This is a very sad moment for Beijing and us as well of whom love Beijing. I was in Bejiing since 1979, visiting and resided there from 2007 for a few years. I haven’t been to Beijing since Covid started. I am really hoping Beijing will struggled through this crisis and become “The Beijing” that we used to enjoy it with!

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