Rotaract Beijing May 2016 special events

Looking back at May 2016, Rotaract had some interesting events:
On 21 May the volunteers visited a school to mingle with kids with hearing disabilities. Pictures again talk for themselves!

On 23 May in the Smokeyard we had Ian Curtiss, a past Rotaract president who spent some time working with Amcham in Beijing and who is returning to the USA.
He gave us a very personal and motivating talk about his personal experiences. Ian we will miss you!
We also got a souvenir from an earlier Rotaract meeting in 2013, at the time in The Local, also showing Ian and many who have left us since then.

Old China Hands lunch and your Expat Idol

On Friday 1 July 2016 a nice turnout despite the hot weather, the busy schedules and people heading back home.

Nothing much to report except that the conversation was lively as always! Next lunch is 5 August.
We also asked our OCH to name their “idol” in the following message:

As you know, Colin is our partner for the Old China Hands. He has been organizing the Expat Fair and Expat Life Awards (ELAs) for the last few years.
He created them as a way for people to say “thank you” to the various providers of service and solutions for us expats living in Beijing.
This year he wants to add to the Awards an “ELA Hall of Fame”. We want your help and input!
Who is the most exceptional expat in your eyes? Who has done a great service or just merits your admiration? Obviously man or woman, young or “old”, any nationality!
Please email Colin directly (colin[at] the name of the person you think is worthy of the title.
Additionally, if you can spare a few more minutes, he would be delighted to hear your thoughts on any businesses that should be nominated for these awards. The list of ELA categories can be found here
Choose your “idol”!

Rotaract Gala Event: see what you missed!

If you were there, see our lovely memories!

Yes, too bad if you missed, the coolest young people of Beijing coming together (over 100) on Saturday 25 June for the Charity Gala Event, in the Vivid Bar, on the rooftop of the Conrad hotel. We were lucky with the weather, after a scorching day it cooled down a bit and no rain!
It was a PARTY FOR A CAUSE to enjoy finger food, free flow drinks (Belgian beer from Vandergeeten, red and white wines from CHEERS, soft drinks and more). It was an an evening of fun with two live DJ’s, raffle drawings, sales of special T-shirts and a Masquerade party!
Proceeds are going to Morning Tears and MCF (Migrant Children Foundation).

It was a blast! See the pics, the beautiful girls and ladies, and the handsome boys! (yeah and some “mature” people from the Beijing Rotary Club.
It was sponsored by Vandergeeten, Cheers, Vivid Bar, UPLI (fitness), Beijing Victory Advertising; prizes from Beer Mania, The Tree, Morel’s Restaurant, Hilton Hotel, Frederic, myself and others.

It was hosted by Rotaract Beijing West  and Rotaract Club of Beijing, all did a great job, after weeks of intense preparation it was a success and people already as “When is the next one?”. So, no names here to mention as it was a real team work of many enthusiastic young people.

Legend Beer: new kid on the block, Gongti Xi Lu

I had been wondering what was going on with all the construction at the Thai restaurant at the West Gate of Workers Stadium. Well, now I know… Thanks to my old friend Adam who now works there.
The former building is now split into the Thai Restaurant (name I can never remember) and the new Beer Pub German style, Legend Beer.

I went over with chef Renaat Morel for an “inspection” just before its official opening. We were impressed by the facilities. A Chinese brew master with over 20 years experience runs the microbrewery (sparling brewery installation) that serves some great beers. Also all that is needed for an excellent German crispy pork knuckle: I tried it on Father’s Day, fully approved.

They have a snooker corner, private room and large outdoor area with TV screens (next to Babyface, currently AGAIN under renovation).
As I am currently on an “alcohol-free diet” I will explore more the beers later on. I like the “Workers Stadium West”, tasty, not too strong, nice flavor.
Reasonable prices indeed. See some of their dishes.