Old China Hands lunch 4 August

Our monthly lunch at Morel’s Restaurant

In the middle of the hot summer period but the Old China Hands lunch 4 August was again well attended, we were well over twenty.
I was a bit worried as both Renaat and Susan were away, but service was good as usual.


Next lunch

The next monthly lunch is on Friday 1 September, same place, same approach. While most people are supposed to be back, possibly many will be busy.
So, wait and see!
The following lunch will be Friday 6 October!

Beijing Rotaract Clubs new team

Election time

Every year it has to be done, see here the Beijing Rotaract Clubs new team, after the May elections:
Rotaract Beijing West:

President: Gaukhar T. (Kazahkstan)
Vice President: Kien D. (Guyana)
Secretary: Sabrina L.
Treasurer Georgiana B.

Rotaract Beijing:

President: Marc T. (USA)
Vice President: Trefyn G (USA)
Treasurer: Frederice K. (Belgium)
Project Director: Deliah N. (Uganda)

See the election meeting on 22 May of the Beijing Rotaract Club in Ruhe Cafe, followed by celebration in QMex.

New team in place

On 26 June the Rotaract Club of Beijing had the last meeting of the Rotary year, followed by a celebration in QMex. The new teams start on 1 July.


Some of the weekly meetings

See the meeting in Ruhe Cafe on 24 April 2017.



The 2017 Rotaract Gatsby Gala more

Yeah it was a blast

From the 2017 Rotaract Gatsby Gala more pictures! See the previous post:

The 2017 Rotaract Gatsby Gala

Since then I collected some more pictures, from left and right.
A large amount are on this site, thanks to Deliah:
I chose some from the album, posted also here (most edited).

And one more video

Again thanks to Deliah this great clip:

You can’t say Rotaractors don’t know how to have great fun!

Old China Hands lunch 7 July

Sauna weather

The Old China Hands lunch 7 July was well attended, we were nearly 30 and that despite the sauna weather and being in the middle of a supposed holiday season.

Next lunch

Next lunch 4 August, will be another date where attendance is unsure. One never knows!

Beijing Rotary lunch 27 June


Our Tuesday Beijing Rotary lunch 27 June in Kempinski again required me to jump in as Sergeant-at-Arms. Happy to welcome our Rotaractors from the Rotaract Club of Beijing: the outgoing president Peter D. (Romania) and incoming president Marc T. (USA). And Matt S. from Rotaract Club of Honolulu (Hawaii).

(Pics by Celine)


Speaker for our Rotary lunch 27 June was Dr. Joern Joergensen, topic: “A Life without Glasses”.

Dr. Joergensen is the founder, CEO & Medical Director of EuroEyes, has performed over 100,000 surgeries. Dr. Joergensen is recognized as one of the Best Eye Doctor in Germany by <FOCUS>. EuroEyes is the largest clinic group in Germany for Refractive surgery. Myopia has become an epidemic in east Asian countries, especially in China. As the aging of the population grows, more and more people also get presbyopia. EuroEyes started to get many Chinese patients in Germany. There is a big gap in high-end medical services in China. The numbers of myopia and presbyopia patients are growing rapidly. Dr. Joergensen explained the pathological mechanism of myopia and presbyopia. Besides guaranteed high quality of surgery and services, EuroEyes also give back to the community by performing free eye surgeries to the people in need.