Fourth Old China Hands Anniversary

Happy Anniversary OCH!

On Friday 5 May 2017 we celebrated our fourth Old China Hands Anniversary, being our monthly lunch normally on the first Friday of the month.
I started it indeed four years ago with some six or eight people and soon we settled for Morel’s Restaurant (Gongti) and we never changed. Everybody seems very happy with the place and the formula. I love to organize it because it is a nice gathering of friends.

Good attendance

My “member list” counts a little over 100 people and is updated regularly to add new people or remove those who left us or never RSVP. As most “Old China Hands” are busy people, many can often not make it due to their busy schedule. On 5 May we had around 30 people, being a typical attendance.
The background of the people is very diverse and so are the nationalities.

Old China Hands Lunch 7 April

Steady attendance

The Old China Hands Lunch 7 April counted exactly 24 people, we now have a regular average of 25. Sometimes higher, sometimes lower. Many RSVP who can’t make it (much appreciated) – yes OCH are busy people.

The next lunch is 5 May

I am going to be away from Beijing end of this month but I will be back on time for the lunch. I just have to figure out when and how to send the invitations.
In May again I will disappear but back to host the 2 June lunch.
The May lunch will also be our 4 years anniversary! I started it in May 2013 and we never skipped one single lunch!

Old China Hands Lunch 3 March

All pretty busy

Attendance rate is always a wild guess. My experience: “strange” dates when people would be “less” turn out to be well attended. “Normal” dates are often less attended, simply because the Old China Hands are simply busy.
The Old China Hands Lunch 3 March counted about twenty people – the list I manage is a bit over 100.


Upcoming lunches

Next lunch is 7 April and then 5 May.

Old China Hands Lunch 3 February

A lively lunch as always

Our Old China Hands Lunch 3 February was well attended and lively as always.
It took me some time to post the pictures as the same day I flew to Belgium for an intense business trip to Belgium and France. Coming back was not better, with picking up unfinished business and working on the new projects resulting from the trip.

This week 3 March is our upcoming lunch.
The following lunch date is 7 April.

Old China Hands Lunch 6 January

Strange date, nice turnout

Another “strange” date for our Old China Hands Lunch 6 January, just after our New Year. But again. a nice turnout with well over 20 people

Our next lunch

And yes, another “strange” date for our lunch: Friday 3 February, actually the first working day after the Chinese New Year holiday week.
After the lunch I will leave Beijing for a business trip.