Old China Hands Lunch 3 February

A lively lunch as always

Our Old China Hands Lunch 3 February was well attended and lively as always.
It took me some time to post the pictures as the same day I flew to Belgium for an intense business trip to Belgium and France. Coming back was not better, with picking up unfinished business and working on the new projects resulting from the trip.

This week 3 March is our upcoming lunch.
The following lunch date is 7 April.

Old China Hands Lunch 6 January

Strange date, nice turnout

Another “strange” date for our Old China Hands Lunch 6 January, just after our New Year. But again. a nice turnout with well over 20 people

Our next lunch

And yes, another “strange” date for our lunch: Friday 3 February, actually the first working day after the Chinese New Year holiday week.
After the lunch I will leave Beijing for a business trip.

Old China Hands and The Beijinger

The first Friday as usual

As usual, on the first Friday of the month our lunch at Morel’s Restaurant. This time 2 December and it was “Old China Hands and The Beijinger”, as we had the visit of their journalist (Scott) and photographer.
The Beijinger is an authority on what is going on in Beijing, see:

We had a nice group of just over 30 people, with a large variety of nationalities.

Now waiting for…

Waiting for the interview that should come out in January. See the great pics I got back from The Beijinger.
And waiting for the next lunch, Friday 6 January 2017.
Our informal get together is for foreign passport holders with at least ten years of China experience.

Old China Hands lunch 4 November

Old China Hands at Morel’s Restaurant

Great to have our twenty Old China Hands at our lunch of Friday 4 November. The usual RSVP with people super busy, travelling or – with an autumn cold.

The next Old China Hands Lunch

Next one is Friday 2 December. I expect also people to be super busy again. The last one for 2016. In 2017, the first one to be on Friday 6 January. Mark your calendars!

Old China Hands at end Golden Week

Our Old China Hands Lunch at Morel’s Restaurant

There was some doubt at first for our Monthly Old China Hands Lunch: the first Friday of October was on 7 October, being the last day of the Golden Week holidays of 1 October. Maybe many people would not be in Beijing, and other doubts.
Well, as I always say, the strange days indeed bring a lot of people!

We were over 30, a nice and enthusiastic crowd from all corners of the world. According to the participants, a success as always. Our Belgian ambassador and his wife also gave us the honor of joining, among some other well-known faces of Beijing. Two journalists had to skip at the last moment due to urgen matters.
Next Old China Hands lunch will be on 4 November.