Little Leopard went to space

VHS tape

As I mentioned the VHS tape, there was another section at the end: Little Leopard went to space. As it is on that 1984 tape I assume it came on TV that year. Strangely enough when I researched the story, it was apparently only “known” in 2018. Weird!
See the SCMP article:

‘China‚Äôs secret 1960s mission to send two dogs into space”
25 February 2018
Academy reveals how it selected the animals and strapped them into tiny, windowless capsules mounted on rockets for a journey they somehow survived
Stephen Chen in Beijing

It is Little Leopard

As maybe many cannot reach the article, see a PDF of an edited version. Read the original for all details.

180225 dogsinspace

Comparing the screenshots and the pictures, it is clearly Little Leopard and not Shan Shan.

See the screenshots, with the brave dog being prepared for launch, placed in the rocket and welcomed back on earth. The launch was apparently on Friday 15 July 1966, on a secret military base in Guangde county, Anhui province.

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