23 November 2021 Rotary talk on CSR

Schindlers Tankstelle in Sanlitun

For our 23 November 2021 Rotary talk on CSR we welcomed as speaker Ying LI Joyce, the Head of Group CSR & Media Events, Volkswagen Group China.  Topic: Volkswagen Group China CSR strategy 2025

Joyce has over 15 years of experience in PR & Marketing filed by VGC, her expertise is in strategic planning and professional project management. She successfully executed the Volkswagen brand image rebuilt in China campaign; Volkswagen & 2008 Beijing Olympic Sponsorship; Volkswagen Group China CSR strategy 2025. This time she introduced the Volkswagen Group China CSR strategy 2025 from an insider perspective.
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Summary of the talk

(by Rtn Piper)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has in recent decades moved from internal self-regulation to an integral part of overall corporate strategy. In the west, listed companies can often find themselves in need to design and institute vibrant CSR strategies to meet shareholders’ and activist calls. CSR has not only become an important PR tool but has also become a key share price driver for many of the publicly traded companies. In China, CSR can take on a different dimension for many domestic and multinational corporations. CSR not only has to align with corporate’s global strategies, but it also must meet the Chinese government’s priorities. As Joyce put it, Volkswagen China started its CSR fund in 2014, and during the years since has operated an active CSR program. After nearly a year of investigation and strategic planning in 2020, Volkswagen China unveiled its new five-year CSR strategy starting in 2021. This new strategy is integrated with Volkswagen’s global mission to commit to carbon neutrality and fighting climate change. In China, Volkswagen’s CSR strategy stands on four pillars: low carbon, economic empowerment, education, and social care. Except for the last pillar, Social Care, which expends on disaster relief, like Covid relief, the other three pillars are set in motion with well-crafted action plans. The low carbon Green Belt focuses on tree planting in the western provinces to fight deforestation and degradation of soil. Education Youth Summit aims to select and fund low carbon mobility projects started by university students. Through this Summit platform, Volkswagen China not only can uncover low carbon mobility but can also build competence for young people. Meeting the top leadership’s wants, Volkswagen also sets up grassroots football training to nurse the football capability of the young. As part of its community support program, Volkswagen donates sports equipment to schools and first aid kits and training to village clinics. As a group policy, Volkswagen companies do not give or operate direct CSR programs but give all donations through government-sponsored foundations. Besides financial expenditures, Volkswagen also encourages active employee volunteering, so its employees can share the pride and knowledge of the corporate CSR programs.

Gilbert and CSR

I have been a speaker on CRI at several occasions.

  • The Asian-European ECA Coaching Congress (AECC), on the 6th and 7th of May 2013 in Beijing. My topic on 7 May 2013: “CSR and Sustainability”
  • 2nd ASIAN-EUROPEAN MANAGEMENT & COACHING CONGRESS 17-19 September 2014 – Shanghai. My topic on 18 September 2014: “CSR and Sustainability”.
    Responsible Innovation, Environmental Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility
    Speaker Mr. Gilbert Van Kerckhove, European Chamber Vice Chair, former ALSTOM Director East China
  • 22 November 2012 – the 2012 AGRION global summit. Panel Discussion: Sustainable Development & CSR.
    See: https://blog.strategy4china.com/2012/12/gilbert-at-the-agrion-seminar-event/


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