Surviving the Wuhan virus

Life in Beijing

Some of my friends and relatives wonder how I am surviving the Wuhan virus in Beijing, being alone at home.
Well, it could be worse. I am fortunate to have a comfortable home near Worker’s Stadium, being pretty much near the center of foreign life here. And good Internet and IPTV (hundreds of channels).
We had two days of snow, a bit unusual for Beijing, bringing over 3 cm of snow. Roads are not cleared as usual, traffic is still a bit rare and walking is a bit slippery.
I decided to walk and not bike to Jingkelong supermarket, a shopping trolley in hand. Bad decision as the damned thing broke in the middle of my shopping, breaking several eggs (yes, very messy) and I had to carry the heavy bag all the way home.
The supermarkets are well stocked and prices remain reasonable. Everybody uses a mask.

Home sweet home

My compound is checking visitors, no more deliveries allowed, they must be picked up at the gate. Access still reasonably easy – other compounds can be pretty hostile.

I enjoy my cooking, all a bit creative. Big fun. I also dismounted our old gas stove trying to get it to work better, so I needed to clean the floors with the mess (yeah with a disinfectant!).
I am more or less able to respect my Keto diet, I do exercises at home. Result: still losing weight while I am eating really well.
Evenings are filled with watching some of my old VHS and VCD movies. Some great stuff rediscovered. Single Malt provided.
So, a Belgian bachelor can survive – as for now. Cross fingers.

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