Bloomberg Caution in Sanlitun

A hidden pub bistro

Through a Wechat group I learned about Bloomberg Caution in Sanlitun and I went to check it out.
It is a bit hidden but it is actually easy to find if you know it is through the East gate of Zhaolong Hotel.
The place is a bit unusual and pretty large. It has a large outside terrace, two separate inside seating areas; on the other side of the alley there is a large covered bar area and a kind of ball room area, all actually in the back of Zhaolong Hotel.

It is open for dinner only and it seems most customers tend to come in the late evening. Also a favored place of one of the major motorbike groups.

Many connections with friends

Talking with the friendly owner Jason, a Beijinger with fluent English, I learned he is close friend of Kent and his sons. Several paintings of Kent are displayed. Kent’s sons also are regulars, as well as Dieter, one other of our Old China Hands. Small world!
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Several of the friends had parties there, for birthdays of playing music. Jason showed the picture of Kent making one of his tasty dishes.

Food and drinks

Extensive menu, many different dishes. I tried the beef salad and fried tongue. Being on an alcohol-free week I could not try the beers. Other friends find their beer prices a bit high

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