Huge Daliushu market in Beijing

A real surprise

A friend took me to explore the huge Daliushu market in Beijing. I never heard about it, I knew about Panjiayuan, Hongqiao, Pearl Market, Silk Market and some other smaller and less well-known markets. Daliushu – see the map – is in the South East of Beijing between de 4th and 5th ring.
The market is open during the day, till late afternoon and is just simply huge, several buildings and several floors. Prices are incredibly cheap, see the pictures of the clothes where they sell each piece like for 20 and 30 RMB. Immense sections selling textiles, shoes, jewelry, decoration, electronics, kitchenware, professional kitchen equipment, small shops (a lot of Russian imports), birds, crickets, name it.
We also found some real antique shops, in one we chatted for a long time with the owner.

On Tuesday evenings, starting around 4 to 5 pm, there is a vast, mainly outdoors flea market, where you find about anything, antiques, old electronics, camera, watches, old tools, decoration, toys, whatever.
We chose the right day, arriving on a Tuesday afternoon and sticking around to see the evening market. It’s also called “The last ghost market”.

For the whole duration of the visit I was the only foreigner, and no, no any Africans shopping…

I bought boots

Except some Russian dark chocolates I bought nice leather boots, 550 RMB. Those normally sell for way over 1,000 RMB.

Panjiayuan is the most well-known “antique market” (or called flea market or curio market) in Beijing, on the southeast 3rd ring road. I haven’t been there since maybe 15 years. The stores in the market open every day while the street stalls just open on weekends according to Travelchinaguide. More about that market here.

Yantai City in Shandong

Big conference

We were invited to Yantai City in Shandong by the Foreign Affairs Department to take part in the 2023 Conference on International Exchange of Professionals and International Experts’ Tour. I was there as rotating chairman of the Foreign Experts Group of the Belt & Road International Talent Fund, under the State Administration of Foreign Experts.
The Conference originally planned to have 300 attendants but I understand they finally had over 500. Location was the Crowne Plaza Yantai Sea View in Laishan District.

On 17 April we traveled by train from Beijing South Railway Station (after a coffee and snack) to Yantai, always comfortable.
Near every day we could hardly see anything from our hotel room as there was always fog coming from the sea. Only the last day we could finally see the sea!

Yantai has a population of around 7 million, located south of the junction of Bohai Sea and Yellow Sea. It is the largest fishing seaport in Shandong. Yantai is currently the second largest industrial city in Shandong, next to Qingdao. However, the region’s largest industry is agriculture. It is famous throughout China for a particular variety of apple and Laiyang pear, and is home to the country’s largest and oldest grape winery, Changyu.
Major industries are agriculture, wine and brandy, petrochemical, gold mining, biomedicine and many other.
This is the first post about Yantai, more to come about the Conference, factory visits and more.

Seafood and seafood!

On the evening of 17 April a first seafood dinner with friends in Xiao Hong Jing (Little Red Whale), supposed to be one of the best in Yantai. The choice is impressive: abalone, cockle, mussels, shrimps, prawns, oysters, scallops, crab, screw shells, octopus, fish, snails, razor shells, ostrich eggs, silk worm cocoon, worms, bugs, … The mussels were rally soso as I am usd to the top quality in Morel’s restaurant…
The next day we went back again to the same restaurant, along with other foreign guests who brought vodka of I think 65%.

See the short video! (VPN needed)

I later discovered I had some seafood allergy, I blame the screw shells because it all started already in Beijing where I ate those for the first time. A bit annoying but found the right medicine cream (Eloson).

Beijing Workers Stadium story2

A look into the future

In Beijing Workers Stadium story2 focus on a CGTN video by French guy Olivier who shows us the Workers Stadium under construction and what it will look like.
The French video, French only, is best here.
also here on YouTube.
With English subtitles (not that complete), see here.

Some screenshots of the video.
The main underground parking entrance would be on gongti dong lu, see the last pic.

The subways

Lines 3 and 17 will have major stations on the corner of gongti bei and gongti dong lu.
It is planned to have an underground connection with Taikooli shopping center

A good insight on the today situation and future subway lines in the area, see here and here.

Beijing Subway Line 3 (first phase)
open by the end of 2023
Dongsi Shitiao to Dongfeng – Length: 15.6 km  – Stops:10
Future Transfer with Other Lines: Dongsi Shitiao: transfer with Line 2 and Gongren Tiyuchang (Worker’s Stadium): transfer with future Line 17.

Extension Plan of Beijing Subway Line 17
The northern section of the first phase of Beijing subway line 17 is under construction. The whole project of the first phase of line 17 will cover 49.7 km with 21 stations. After completion, it will start from the Weilai Kejichengbei in the north, pass through Changping District, Dongcheng District, Chaoyang District, and finally reach the Jiahuihu Station in Tongzhou District in the south.
Future Transfer with other lines: Gongren Tiyuchang (Workers’ Stadium): Transfer with Line 3

Tuanjiehu Station at the East side of gongti bei lu is serving Line 10.

Dongdaqiao station further down South from gongti dong lu is currently serving Line 6.
M28 (planned name) – before called CBD
Dongdaqiao to Guangqudonglu with 9 Stations line length   of 8.877 km.
Planned opening: 2025.

26 Oct. 2021 Rotary talk on learning to fly

Mosto in Nali Patio, Sanlitun

For our 26 Oct. 2021 Rotary talk on learning to fly we had as speaker Daniel Zhang on the topic: “Joy of Flying”.

Food was reasonable but I was not convinced by some of the dishes.
Another weak point: the private room is pretty noisy and listening to the talk was not made easy.

Highlight of the talk

Flying is the new freedom! At the October 26th meeting, Rotarians and guests got to find out what it was like to take off on wings, piloting an airplane. Private aviation has not been easy in China, but Daniel Zhang, who studied aviation in the US, came back to China to start Enjoy Fly Club. EFC gives private flying lessons. Piloting a single-engine propeller plane might not take you across borders in the new pandemic world order, but it does take you off ground to new heights. Sharing his passions for flying, Daniel also told a story of his 85-year-old customer Wang Deshun who recently completed his pilot license. To a room of sitting-behind-desks Rotarian executives, this was a flying challenge.

Bloomberg Caution in Sanlitun

A hidden pub bistro

Through a Wechat group I learned about Bloomberg Caution in Sanlitun and I went to check it out.
It is a bit hidden but it is actually easy to find if you know it is through the East gate of Zhaolong Hotel.
The place is a bit unusual and pretty large. It has a large outside terrace, two separate inside seating areas; on the other side of the alley there is a large covered bar area and a kind of ball room area, all actually in the back of Zhaolong Hotel.

It is open for dinner only and it seems most customers tend to come in the late evening. Also a favored place of one of the major motorbike groups.

Many connections with friends

Talking with the friendly owner Jason, a Beijinger with fluent English, I learned he is close friend of Kent and his sons. Several paintings of Kent are displayed. Kent’s sons also are regulars, as well as Dieter, one other of our Old China Hands. Small world!
See: Old China Hands 7 May lunch
Several of the friends had parties there, for birthdays of playing music. Jason showed the picture of Kent making one of his tasty dishes.

Food and drinks

Extensive menu, many different dishes. I tried the beef salad and fried tongue. Being on an alcohol-free week I could not try the beers. Other friends find their beer prices a bit high