Gilbert was on CCTV4

Finally done

After months of waiting, days of shooting, meetings, and scanning old pictures, Gilbert was on CCTV4, with his friend Raja.
“China Edge” featured “I have been in China for 40 years”. The CCTV TV premiere was broadcast on CCTV-4 at 22:00 on Sunday 28 May 2023. Here is the CCTV program link. Click on the link to watch the nearly 30 minutes documentary. Look for the image with the Bird’s Nest. Or directly use this link, needs time to load.
A more easy link is here, where you simply click the play button.

We started working on it in late September 2022, we had extensive shooting on 29 October 2022 in my home, on 7 November 2022 near the Bird’s Nest and the Athletes Alley and during the Old China Hands lunch on 8 November 2022.

The documentary was too short to tell all my stories. CCTV4 plans to use more of the footage in the future.
All in all they did a great job. While I have the full video in my desktop it was exciting to watch it live on TV Sunday evening.

See some screenshots!

Shooting at home

On 29 October 2022 the large CCTV4 crew invaded my home office, turning everything upside down. One needs a lot of patience with those TV people.

Main parts were the interview and shooting me going through my mountain of old picture albums.

The Bird’s Nest

On 7 November 2022 we spent an awful time near the Bird’s Nest. The crew had some “creative ideas” (no, NOT mine!) to build some kind of bird’s nest with twigs they found on the ground. I felt like back in kindergarten…

The same day we went to see the Athletes’ Alley of Olivier Strebelle in the Olympic Park, that will be the topic of a separate post. Too many memories of that statue and for me a bit of a sad ending.

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