May Babies Party in Ossie

A special birthday party

The May Babies Party in Ossie was on Saturday 13 May to celebrate the birthdays of William, Peter and Veronica. Some 40 friends joined the lively party with the free flow of beer, wine and snacks.
The great thing about the party was that many people knew each other, quite a number being part of our Old China Hands Monthly Lunch.

Ossie (Aussie) Restaurant & Bar (澳西酒庄&餐吧)

At Aussie Wine Bar they serve an array of wines, beers and authentic culinary dishes ranging from traditional western food to Outback Aussie Steaks. Ossie is the “official” name as Aussie was not legally accepted in Beijing…
To reach: very close to Guangqumenwai subway station, Line 7 exit B
For me the first time to visit the bar but all were impressed with the service of Steve and the staff.

VETEX in Beer Mania

VETEX in Beer Mania, for our friend Steve

On 1 February 2017 a special birthday party for Steve: none less than VETEX in Beer Mania.
A real great evening, as usual it proves Thierry knows how to run his vibrant café.

Who is VETEX?

VETEX is a group from Kortrijk, Belgium. The name comes from a former textile factory (VETEX) in the city of Kortrijk. The brass band has trumpets, flute, saxophone, clarinet and more, just watch the pictures and the video. They were on a tour in Beijing. Impressive and enthusiastic performance.
See here their introduction in Flemish:

Orchestre International du Vetex is een feestfanfare uit het Belgische Kortrijk.
In 2004 werd het gezelschap opgericht in Vetex, een oude texielfabriek in de kanaalzone van Kortrijk. Vlaamse, Waalse en Noord-Franse muzikanten van diverse sociale achtergrond maken muziek die een mix is van Balkan, Gipsy, ska, Latino en Klezmer, de polka of de Tarantella gedanst kan worden.
De groep bestaat uit vijftien blazers die op fluit, trombone, saxofoon, trompet, bugel, klarinet en sousafoon spelen. Zij worden ondersteund door drums, percussie en accordeon.


The video

See here a short video, on YouTube (in China needs a VPN). I have the video on file, the original is near 600 MB, the reduced version 90 MB.

Dining Table of the World Belgium and Israel

The clips are out!

Dining Table of the World Belgium and Israel are out.
See earlier posts to view the whole story:

Dining Table of the World

CCTV shooting with 6renyou at Morel Restaurant

It was done by Beijing 6renyou International Travel Service Co., Ltd.
Correction: the shooting was done by a CCTV crew but the clips will not be shown on CCTV.

Now watch

There are several episodes, if you visit one of the links you will find the other episodes (all in Chinese).

See below the links of the Israel and Belgium episodes of the food program, which respectively was put online on April 12 and April 19 on Tencent video (
Dining Table of the World Belgium and Israel:

Biteappita of Israel:

Morel’s of Belgium:

If it is difficult to watch with the Chinese link, see here the Morel’s one, in two parts:


And yes, I am also allowed to say something… as a regular customer… (in part 2)

Belgian best cuisine in Beijing

Best Belgian food

Belgian best cuisine in Beijing: Morel’s Restaurant for sure. The other “Belgian” locations are great too but have a different focus. In Morel’s it is simply rich and great Belgian food. As some say: the best French food you find in … Belgium. I am not a fan of the large and expensive dishes where we need to find the tiny morsels of food (typical for “Nouvelle Cuisine” or so-called famous chefs). We like it copious. Also, those tiny pieces: before you actually get the taste, it is gone.

Some of the dishes

Of course they have a special selection of Belgian beers but the wine list is also recommended.
Mussels are very popular and the Chinese guests love them, and yes, most patrons now are … Chinese.
For me, the signature dish is still the gratinated endive with ham, cheese, mashed potatoes and more. In Belgium we call it chicon and not endive.

A dish from my hometown Ghent is “Waterzooi de poulet à la Gantoise”. Warning! The chicken dish is as the chicon one very “filling”, so don’t even think ordering something on the side… The dish also exists made with fish.
See here more:
“Soup-base of egg yolk, cream and thickened vegetable broth. The stew itself contains chicken, vegetables including carrots, onions, celeriac, leeks, Potatoes and herbs such as parsley, thyme, bay-leaves and sage.”

I only eat a (good) steak in Morel’s. I take the best cut, usually with béarnaise. And Belgian fries, of course. The meat is sourced by the chef from the farm he personally knows. No funny ingredients nor treatment, just pure beef.
Bon appetit! Smakelijk!

Location of Belgian best cuisine in Beijing

Morel’s restaurant & café, opposite of Worker’s Gymnasium north gate, close to Subway Line 2 Dongsishitiao Station.
In Chinese:
地址:北京莫劳龙玺西餐厅(工人体育馆北门对面,春秀路路口西北角),北京市东城区新中街 红五楼一层,工人体育馆北门对面

Other Belgian bars and restaurants in Beijing

De Refter

Among the other Belgian bars and restaurants in Beijing, De Refter is the youngest, see also:
Exploring new food in De Refter (Sanlitun)

The place is small, cozy and food choices are limited. I find their beer prices a bit on the high side. Music can be pretty nice. In summer sitting outside, also for lunch, is a plus.
What the place lacks is a good manager who takes care of the customers. When our friend Steve is around, perfect, but he spends a lot of time in the other De Refter in Shanghai.
Nice place to organize a small party.

The Tree

The Tree has been around since 2005, after the original The Hidden Tree was leveled in what is now SOHO Sanlitun. It is now the only one left as the two other locations such as Nearby The Tree closed.
Famous for its pizza but some regret the quality is not as before, and competition is fierce: La Pizza around the corner is very popular and so is Luga’s.
I tried once their “Belgian Beef Stew” but wa disappointed: the meat was tough, that means they chose the wrong type of meat and/or did not cook it properly (it requires many hours).
Still a good place to hang out with a wide choice of beers and I can still recommend the pizza.
See also: